The TEC Award for Academic Writing

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) offers students at universities and colleges participating in the TEC Campus Program the chance to win financial awards.

The TEC Award for Academic Writing is offered in September and January each year. To enter, students must submit a paper written on a topic chosen by the professional software analysts at TEC. Entrants will receive a chance to win one of three prizes and to have their paper published on the TEC website.

A panel of TEC’s software analysts will choose the winners. The first prize is $500, second prize $300, and third prize $200 (all dollar values are USD).

In addition, the top five entries each semester (the prize winners and the two next best entries) will be published on TEC’s website, under each student’s own byline.


How will cryptocurrency and blockchain impact certain industries or enterprise software application areas? Please focus your response on a specific industry (retail, manufacturing, etc.) or software segment (ERP, CRM, BI, etc.)



  • Any student submitting a paper must be currently enrolled as either an undergraduate or post-graduate student in a college or university that is a registered participant in the TEC Campus Program.
  • The paper must be 1,500-1,750 words long and be submitted either as a Word or PDF file.
  • Participants must agree to have their name and paper published on the Technology Evaluation Centers website. TEC also reserves the right to edit published entries for clarity and/or to add relevant images, charts, and graphs as it sees fit.
  • Only one submission per student will be accepted per semester
  • Only one submission per student per contest will be accepted
  • Students who have previously submitted an entry may participate again during subsequent contests (in later semesters).
  • The top five entrants (including the three prize winners) for each semester will be informed by the beginning of the following semester.
  • Winning entrants must respect the relevant tax laws where they reside.


Each qualified submission is evaluated by a team of TEC employees consisting of professional software analysts and software selection experts based on three criteria:

  • Topic mastery (as demonstrated by the depth and accuracy of the information presented)
  • A presentation that is both engaging and logically organized
  • The level of original thought
TEC Software Evaluation Campus Program

The TEC Software Evaluation Campus Program introduces the fundamentals of enterprise software and the selection methodology used by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) to students. This unique program guides students through each step of the software decision-making process, including the research and prioritization of features, evaluation, and selection phases. Students have access to an abundance of resources to better conduct their research projects and benefit from accurate information and sophisticated software evaluation and comparison tools.

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